Mt. Hood Park Association Sponsors its 2nd Annual Senior Day at Mount Hood Memorial Park & Golf Course!

The 2nd annual Senior Day at Mount Hood Park will be held at clubhouse at Mount Hood Memorial Park & Golf Course on Tuesday, May 13th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

This year’s event promises to bigger and better than last year and will include the distinguished Dr. Bryan Hamlin, President of the New England Botanical Club and Chairman of the Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation, who will speak on the extensive biodiversity of flora and fauna found at Mount Hood and the Middlesex Fells Reservation areas. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from this distinguished expert on the flora and fauna of our local woodlands.

Also Mt. Hood Park Association’s president, Myron Dittmer, will speak on the history and development of the park and golf course beginning in the 1930’s as well as winter and summer activities held at the park over the years. Mr. Dittmer has been a member of the Association for almost 40 years.

Lunch and refreshments will be served following the lectures after which time attendees will travel up to Slayton Tower, the highest point in the park, to experience the panoramic view of the area including the mountains of New Hampshire, Revere Beach, and the Boston skyline.

To reserve a seat for this event, please call 781-665-8172. If you require transportation, kindly call 781-662-6886 on weekdays between noon and 4:00pm.



Our founder, Ralph Sarni, past away on August 28th, in his 95th year of life. Ralph and his family have been residents of Melrose for over 60 years. Ralph has been an American patriot, a philanthropist, and a  citizen activist, whose personal efforts have saved Mount Hood from further commercial development twice over the past 40 years. We have Ralph to thank for his vision in keeping the "Green Jewel" of Melrose available for all to enjoy for generations to come.

The Association, and Melrose citizens, as well as all residents and users of Mount Hood, wish to extend our deepest sympathy to the entire Sarni family.

Mt. Hood Park Association Sponsors its First Senior Day at Mount Hood Memorial Park & Golf Course!

The first senior-only event was recently held at Mount Hood in the clubhouse with over 20 seniors attending the event.  This event was four months in the making by the Association and was the result of senior surveys conducted at a number of senior housing facilities to determine their level of interest in visiting Mount Hood Memorial Park & Golf Course. Based on the overwhelming interest of seniors recorded in these surveys, the Mt. Hood Park Association, with the support of Melrose’s Park Commission and Park Department, held the event on Tuesday, October 29th.

The festivities began with a lecture by local amateur birder and a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Fells organization, Dana Jewell. Dana provided attendees with recommendations on clothing and equipment needed when hiking and birding at Mount Hood. He also discussed the many different varieties of birds that frequent Mount Hood and spoke about their habits, activities, and migrations during each month of the year.  Dana’s wife, Inge, also spoke about how they have been able to document the presence of over 146 species of birds at Mount Hood over the past 20 years!

After the lecture a lunch was served after which Myron Dittmer, president of the Association provided a slide presentation on the history and development of the park and golf course beginning in the 1930’s as well as winter and summer activities held at the park over the years. He also discussed the many different types of animals and plants commonly found at Mount Hood.

Following this presentation, attendees drove up to Slayton Tower, the highest point in the park, to view the foliage and experience the panoramic view of the area including the mountains of New Hampshire, Revere Beach, and the Boston skyline. Based on the success this event, it is expected that additional events will be scheduled next year.

The Association would like to thank the following organizations which provided assistance in making this event so successful - Council on Aging, Melrose Park Commission, Melrose Park Department, Melrose Recreation Department and the Golf Management Company. Also special thanks go out to the following companies who provided refreshments for the event - Sysco Foods, US Foods, and Honey Dew Donuts of Melrose.


Mt. Hood Park Association Sponsored Home for the Holiday Event– Children’s Holiday Party at Mount Hood – Sunday, Dec. 8th

On Sunday, December 10th, the Mt. Hood Park Association held its annual free Children’s Holiday Party at the Mount Hood clubhouse in the rustic setting of Mount Hood Memorial Park and Golf Course. In the festively decorated clubhouse, a large turnout of adults and children enjoyed live musical entertainment, sing-alongs, and the balloon magic of Yarrow, as well as a visit from Santa Claus.

Refreshments were provided by the Association while donuts and bagels were donated by Lisa Kennedy of Honey Dew Donuts, Main Street, Melrose. Special thanks are also extended to Golf Management Co, LLC for the use of the hall and decorations and their Food and Beverage Manager, Laura Farrell.


Alcoholic Beverages Sold From Snack Carts at Mount Hood Golf Course

The following is a letter I recent sent to the Park Commissioners and Mayor Dolan concerning a recent discussion at the November 2013 Park Commission meeting.

As an Association consisting of over 50 families whose member live adjacent to or near Mount Hood, we are not in favor of roving carts selling alcoholic beverages on the golf course. The subject of these beverage carts has surfaced several times in the past, most recently in 2009 and 2011, and the public has shown up at PC meetings strongly opposed to the selling of alcoholic beverages.

In previous discussions on selling of alcoholic beverages on the greens, the Association has been adamantly opposed to such practices for the reasons noted below. Nothing has changed since then that warrants serious consideration of selling alcoholic beverages from roving carts on the golf course.

 - Unlike the other 8 private golf courses operated by GMC in New Hampshire, the Mount Hood course is municipally owned, situated at the top of a hill, with no dedicated roadway, and is accessed through heavily and densely populated neighborhoods, with children and people routinely walking and playing in these areas.

- Unlike other private golf courses operated by GMC, the golf course at Mount Hood is a mixed use facility with a children’s tot lot, a public park, with hiking and biking areas, and scenic viewing areas, integrated within the golf course space. 

- Unlike other private course operated by GMC, the Mount Hood golf course is the only one where many residential homes are directly adjacent to the greens and fairways.

Given the alcohol drinking issues which continue to plaque our city with frequent teenage and adult drinking parties disrupting the peaceful existence of the neighborhoods, it would be a poor example to set for the youth and adults to suddenly allow alcoholic consumption on public land while people engage in the sport of golf.

Also, we believe that those who live in the adjacent neighborhoods should not be potentially exposed to the added dangers associated with alcoholic consumption and which could negatively impact our children, the elderly and those who use the park for recreational purposes.

Therefore, we ask the Park Commissioners, as well as Mayor Dolan, to reject this request for beverage carts and refuse to allow open alcoholic consumption on public recreational, city-owned land.



Myron F. Dittmer, Jr.


Mount Hood Park Association



 Association’s Annual Children’s Holiday Party a Complete Success

On Sunday, December 2nd, the Mt. Hood Park Association held its annual free Children’s Holiday Party at the Mount Hood clubhouse in the rustic setting of Mount Hood Memorial Park and Golf Course. In the festively decorated clubhouse, a record turnout of adults and children enjoyed live musical entertainment, sing-alongs, and the balloon magic of Yarrow, as well as a visit from Santa Claus and his elves. Refreshments were provided by the Association while donuts were donated by Danny and Dell of Dunkin Donuts at 1204 Broadway, Saugus. Special thanks are extended to Mike Farrell and Laura Lane of Golf Management Co, LLC for the use of the hall and decorations.


Results of the Park Commission Meeting Monday Sept. 10th:

Following Mayor Dolan's commission recomendations for rules, regulations, and monitoring and compliance activities related to dog walkers at Mount Hoood, the Park Commission passed a resolution lifting the dog ban at Mount Hood! 

I would like to express my appreciation to Mayor Dolan and other concerned citizens for taking a personal interest in this matter and forming a committee to establish rules of conduct for dog walkers at Mount Hood. In addition, special thanks needs to be extended to Melrose Police Chief Mike Lyle and Melrose Animal Control Officer Diane Krurkjian for providing additional dog monitoring and compliance support at Mount Hood as noted in the committee recommendations. Finally, a special thank you needs to be extended to Park Commission members who voted to rescind the ban and to accept the recommendations of the committee. 

We Need Your Help to Rescind the Dog Ban at Mount Hood Park

For those residents who may not be aware, the Park Commission at their August 10th meeting, voted to prohibit all dogs from Mount Hood for safety reasons. We believe that this unduly punishes law-abiding dog walkers because of a few violators of the city’s leash law.

The Mount Hood area was established as a memorial park and golf course back in 1936. The 235 acres that make up Mount Hood Memorial Park and Golf Course is a fully integrated area which makes it difficult, if not, impossible to separate golf activities from other passive recreational activities such as dog walking. New rules and regulations must now be established to control and monitor these mixed activities within the park. Because of the importance and significance of the largest green space in the city, reasonable people must come to some sort of accommodation for its use that meets the need of all residents of Melrose.

At the upcoming meeting of the Park Commission scheduled for Monday, September 10th at 7:00pm at the Mount Hood Clubhouse, a group of community leaders and concerned stakeholders will be presenting to the Park Commission a list of proposed rules governing dog etiquette at Mount Hood Park. We encourage all concerned residents and dog users of the park to come and support our proposal and to help persuade the Park Commission to rescind their current dog ban at Mount Hood Park.

The proposed rules and enforcement procedures are briefly described below:

- Dogs shall not be allowed on fairways, roughs, greens, or tees.

-Dogs and dog walkers shall be permitted at all times on the road that crosses the eleventh fairway to access the Slayton Tower and the Major Doak Weston Memorial, the access roads to the Fish and Game Club, the FAA  Tower area, and First, Second, and Third Ponds.

- All pedestrians, including dog walkers, shall be able to use all other areas, such as trails, year round.

- Dogs must be on a leash at all times and dog walkers must clean up after their dogs.

- Golf Management Company, per their contract, is responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the above rules and regulations. The Melrose Police Department and the Animal Control Officer will provide additional support when requested. Repeat offenders of city’s leash law including rules noted above may be banned from Mount Hood.

We believe that the above rules will address the initial concerns of the Park Commission relative to course safety, maintaining proper golf and dog etiquette, and provides the necessary monitoring and compliance activities needed to ensure that these rules and regulations are enforced. If the Park Commissioners are truly committed to the multi-recreational use of Mount Hood, then they should implement the above recommendations and rescind their initial dog ban.

We hope to see you at this meeting and we welcome your support and encouragement. If you can’t make the meeting, please send me your written comments at


Our July 4th Summer Concert was a Smashing Success!

A beautiful venue, great weather and lively music with a patriotic theme highlighted the Association's 27th Annual July 4th concert! Ms. Carissa Scudieri from Wakefield and a regional winner of many talent contests,, opened the concert with her stirring version of our National Anthem.

The Middlesex Concert Band of Wakefield under the direction of Mark E. Olsen provided spirited renditions of many patriotic and show tunes to the enthusiastic approval of the audience.. This was a remarkable performance by the band given that they had played at previous venues earlier in the day.

Although songs with a patriotic theme were highlighted during the evening, a special tribute was given to popular show tunes including a musical salute to Bob Hope, a medley from Miss Saigon and a military TV show medley. The final and most exciting song of the evening included the band's rendition of Stars and Stripes which included our popular "Parade of Children" when children waved their Amercian flags while parading around the venue.

The Association would like to extend our appreciation to the following companies and organizations that helped make this event such an impressive success this year. They include the Melrose Arts Council, Melrose Park Commission, Melrose Park Department, Golf Management Company, LLC, and CF Graphics, and of course, the Middlesex Concert Band for their extraordinary music presnetation.

Our Children's Holiday Party at the Mount Hood Clubhouse on December 4th, December 2011 was a Comlpete Success!

This event was recently held at Mount Hood Clubhouse and was attended by over 70 children! This was our largest gathering of children in many decades and eveyone enjoyed free refreshments, music sing-alongs and expecially a visit by Santa Claus. 



News Article:

(Note: Since this article was first published, Mayor Dolan confirmed his disapproval of beverage carts on the golf course....therefore, the Park Commission will not move forward on this plan.)

The following article was recently written and published in local newspapers to address the Association's concerns about the Park Commission's request to the Mayor to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages on the golf course.

 “The Mt. Hood Park Association is Against the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on the Mount Hood Golf Course”

At last week’s Park Commission meeting (March 14th), Chairman Michael Interbartolo informed the commissioners and those in attendance that he is composing a letter to Mayor Dolan asking for his approval to allow beer to be sold on the golf course using a roving “beverage cart”. This same request was denied by the Mayor back in 2009 and the Association believes that nothing has changed since that time to justify granting the request this year. The principal purpose of selling beer on the course is to increase revenues since Golf Management Company, LLC (GMC), the current management company at Mount Hood Park and Golf Course, believes that the beverage cart can generate an additional $50-60,000 per year in gross revenues.

The Association believes that GMC as well as the Park Commission have done an excellent job in managing the golf course by increasing play and providing improved ambiance and food quality at the clubhouse which have helped lead to increased revenues annually. Some of the profits from this operation have made it possible to make significant improvements in the physical infrastructure of the course as well as in making substantial physical and mechanical improvements to the clubhouse.  This past year revenues exceeded 1.5 million dollars and the senior management group at GMC, as well as the Park Commission, must be commended for these efforts since a percentage of these revenues come back to the city for maintenance and improvements to the course and to Mount Hood Park.

Nevertheless, to provide further justification for our position against the sale of beer on the golf course, I wish to bring the following information to the attention of the residents of Melrose:

(1)   GMC states that their experience in the eight (8) golf courses they own or operate in New Hampshire, in which selling alcoholic beverages is allowed; provide evidence that they can successfully implement such a policy. However, after comparing these golf courses with that at Mt. Hood, some major differences exist as follows: (a) Mount Hood is the only one where residential homes abut directly to the golf course, (b) Mt. Hood is the only one where access is through a densely populated residential area, and (c) Mt. Hood is the only one where there is mixed use where a public park area is integrated within the golf course space (e.g., non-golf activities include hiking, scenic viewing, walking and a tot lot).

 (2)   GMC contends that customers enjoy the convenience of a beverage cart where they can purchase not only beer, but sandwiches, snacks, soda, or basic golf necessities. The Association believes that providing all these items for purchase, except alcoholic beverages, makes sense as a convenience to the golfing public.  However, selling alcoholic beverages on the golf course only encourages its consumption; and, we believe that this practice is incompatible with a sport that depends so much on eye-hand coordination and cognitive judgment. Most serious golfers relax after a round of golf at the clubhouse to enjoy snacks and refreshments, and a discussion of the days’ events.  Allowing consumption of alcohol on the course doesn’t add anything to the game of golf and over-drinking may result in not only poor play, errant balls landing in abutter’s backyards, play delays, and litter but may also add risk and danger to residents and children using the park. GMC already acknowledges that they have trouble controlling unauthorized use of alcohol by golfers on the course. How can we be sure that they can now properly control and monitor the selling and consumption of alcoholic beverages from beverage carts?

 (3)   Last summer, there was a drinking party incident at Mount Hood in which a youth was seriously injured. Like other cities, we know there is an alcohol problem among our youth; therefore, what lesson or example do we show them if we say that it is o.k. for some people to drink on the golf course. Even GMC and the Park Commission feel uncomfortable about selling beer within sight of the public since beer sales will be restricted to those areas not within sight of residential homes, ponds, and the tot lot (e.g., excluding beer sales at holes 1 through 3 and beyond the 15th green).

 We encourage GMC, the Park Commissioners, and the Mayor to consider the concerns of abutters and nearby neighbors who moved to Melrose for its schools, community organizations, neighborhood parks, and green spaces. The police, Park Commission, Park Department, and golf management companies have, over the years, expended much time, effort, and money to control vandalism and youth alcohol consumption at Mount Hood. The Association believes that now is not the time to encourage the use of alcohol on the golf course. We believe that this sends the wrong message to everyone including our youth.

Our message should be loud and clear……”Welcome to Mount Hood Memorial Park and Golf Course – an Alcohol-Free Area!”

The Association asks that you make your views known on this topic by sending them to either the Park Commission via Joan Bell at (781) 662-0210 (email: or Mayor Rob Dolan at (781) 979-4440 (email:


The following is M. Dittmer's response to a letter written by Park Commission Chairman Michael Interbartolo on Mayor Dolan's recent Field Plan. M. Dittmer's article was  published in the "Melrose Free Press" on October 21, 2010.


Title: Only the Mayor’s Numbers Make Sense

I read with great interest in last week’s paper that current Chairman of the Park Commission, Michael Interbartolo, objects to Mayor Dolan’s efforts to use the Mount Hood Enterprise Fund to pay the debt service of bonds taken out to revitalization the high school football/baseball area and creating an athletic track and field complex at Pine Banks Park. This is a “dream come true” for our city and for current and future students who will be able to play on these state-of-the-art athletic fields.  Based on published information on the designs, a total of five fields will be created or refurbished and the Melrose contribution to his project will cost about 5.5 million. Mr. Interbartolo’s main point of objection appears to be that taking on so much debt would “jeopardize the financial stability of Mount Hood for golfing and general park use.

However, Mr. Interbartolo didn’t provide any evidence to support this contention in his article, nor did he note that up until this year, he was willing to sacrifice valuable open, green space at Mount Hood Memorial Park for one soccer field with an estimated price tag of between 4 to 6 million dollars! In addition, he neglected to disclose that he has already approved over $50,000 in Enterprise Funds for studies related to the single proposed field at Mount Hood.  And again, he failed to include the fact that the money to pay for this single soccer field would come from the same Mount Hood Enterprise Fund that the mayor wants to utilize to pay for the bond debt service.

As the expression goes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what a great deal the city is getting by using the same funding mechanism, the Mount Hood Enterprise Fund, to build and refurbish 5 fields. Mr. Interbartolo wanted to build one soccer field at Mount Hood for about 5 million dollars and destroy about 10 acres of parkland, while the Mayor Dolan wants to spend 5.5 million to create and refurbish 5 fields with enhanced facilities at existing fields.

The Mount Hood Park Association thinks that Mayor Dolan has the right figures and the right plan for the city and we encourage all residents to support his plan. It isn’t often that a city can build multiple field complexes without impacting tax rates.  And because of this, we applaud Mayor Dolan for his innovative and creative thinking and keeping his pledge to provide the youth of our city with the parks and fields needed for the 21st century.


Mount Hood Memorial Park – Benign Neglect?

July 31, 2009

It was recently learned from a preliminary report of a feasibility study being conducted by Beals & Thomas, that the Park Commission will need to pay a premium price for any construction of potential athletic fields at Mount Hood. This information was disclosed at Monday evening’s meeting of the Park Commission. Robert Weidknecht, from Beals & Thomas, described how the nature of the rocky terrain, access difficulty, wetland issues and certified vernal water pools, all contribute to add millions of dollars of additional costs to any construction work conducted at Mount Hood.

At the meeting, Mr. Weidknecht highlighted a number of different design scenarios that ranged from a field and track area (along with an attached field events area) to several practice golf driving ranges. Additional designs are being studied and will be presented at a special meeting of the Park Commission on Monday, August 3rd. What was missing from his presentation was a plan for passive recreation development. The Park Commission has previously made commitments to city groups that this important aspect of parkland use has been included in the scope of the feasibility study. The Association is disappointed that no plans have been developed to address passive recreation development at Mount Hood Park.

Although some groups in Melrose have voiced the need for additional athletic fields, we question the value of spending millions of dollars as a premium price before you even begin paying for construction costs. Does this really represent the most cost-effective and efficient use of limited dollars to address the problem? We understand that the Mount Hood Park and Golf Course is self-sustaining, having its own dedicated Enterprise Fund whose monies come from golfing and refreshments/goods sold at the clubhouse. For many years during the time this Fund was established, Mount Hood Park has suffered from “benign neglect”?

Because of the success of the golf course due to improved course management and marketing by the management group at Mount Hood, Golf Management Company, Inc., the revenue stream into the Enterprise Fund has been steady and consistent over the past number of years. The Association believes that an effort should be made to make the necessary

improvements to neglected areas at Mount Hood Park even while the Park Commission and the city explores additional athletic fields. Even if it is decided that athletic fields should be built at Mount Hood, this is a long term project involving several years. Meanwhile, areas of the park are rapidly deteriorating and remain in disrepair, producing blight on what everyone acknowledges as being Melrose’s green jewel.

Some of the areas needing immediate attention include among others, (1) dredge First Pond to improve the viability of the pond and aquatic life, and to minimize local neighborhood flooding, (2) explore additional sources of water for irrigation of the golf course, (3) repair and improve security of Slayton Tower, one of the more beautiful locations in the park to view Boston and southern New Hampshire skylines, (4) restore, improve, and expand walking and biking trails, and (5) install vandal-proof benches and picnic tables throughout the park for the enjoyment of all.

We think now is the time for the Park Commission to consider needed park improvements described above while they continue to pursue other projects at Mount Hood Park. To do less is continuing the policy of “benign neglect”.

We recommend that the public attend the August 3rd meeting to voice their concerns or opinions on these matters since they will impact park use today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

For more information on the Mt. Hood Park Association contact Ralph Sarni, Membership Chairman, 75 Altamont Ave, Melrose, MA, Tele: (781) 665-0459.

Written by:

Myron F. Dittmer, Jr.
Mt. Hood Park Association


Melrose Free Press (3/5/09)



Posted: 9/27/09

First “City Youth Day at Mount Hood Memorial Park” a Success!

The city’s first “City Youth Day at Mount Hood Memorial Park” was enjoyed by over 40 children and adults on Saturday, September 26th. The day was prefect for enjoying a nature walk and to view the scenic wonders of Mount Hood environs.

Association president Myron Dittmer, handed out colorized trail maps of Mount Hood Park, supplied by the Association, to all the youth in attendance before beginning the nature walk. The walk started with Dittmer providing a history of Mount Hood Memorial Park and Slayton Tower. He described rock formations found in the park and how they were formed during the period when glaciers receded from the area.  He also described the periods when the forests were formed, when the area was populated by Native Americans, and then colonized by Europeans. Dittmer described the purchase of park land by the city in the early 20th century and the establishment and construction of the park, golf course, and Slayton Tower by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) during the 1930’s.  He also provided a show and tell session describing, by the use of his leaf book, how you can identify trees by their leaf size and shape. He described how trees grow and develop by displaying a cross-section of a tree truck, noting the areas of bark, phloem, cambium, and xylem and what functions they perform in the growth of a tree. He also described how trees obtain energy and food for growth explaining the process of photosynthesis whereby the leaves take in sunlight, convert it into energy via chlorophyll, and then combine it with carbon dioxide and water to make the sugars necessary for growth.

Following this brief history of the park, Dittmer took the group on a nature walk near Slayton Tower describing and identifying local trees, other flora (plant life and vegetation), and common types of fauna (animal life) in the park. He pointed out some of the varieties of trees during the walk such as oak, maple, birch, sumac, pine, and the ubiquitous sassafras trees. During the nature walk, Dittmer quizzed the children with questions such as, what is the state bird, what is the state tree, and what is the state insect? Do you know the answers? Finally, it was soon discovered that many of the youth were familiar with the common varieties of animal life in the park such as frogs, birds, turtles, snakes, squirrels, and others. Several of the parents present routinely fished in the park ponds and have caught wide mouth bass, pickerel, catfish, perch, and other varieties of fish.

After the nature walk, the group climbed to the top of Slayton Tower for a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside viewing the Boston skyline, the Atlantic Ocean, the mountains of New Hampshire, and Wachusett mountain in the west. One of the parents remarked that although she has been living in Melrose for the past several years, she was unaware of such beauty and wonders at Mount Hood Memorial Park.

The day of fun and education ended with hotdogs and refreshments and memories of how the city has learned to successfully preserve and protect “green spaces” for the enjoyment and education of future generations of residents.

Special thanks go out to Frank Olivieri, Director of Recreation, and his staff, Joan Bell, Park Superintendent, Mike Farrell, Mike Ford, and Laura Lane of Golf Management, Company,  Bridget Tully, Victoria Mail, Paul McQuillan, and other members of the Mt. Hood Park Association for their assistance.

A limited number of the colorful trail maps, mentioned above and designed and created by the Melrose Conservation Commission and Applied Geographics, Inc., are available on a first come basis. If interested, go the Contact section of the website and use the email note to request a map. You will need to give us you name and address.


Melrose Winter Festival including

Skate / Ski / Snowboard Swap

Ages: Open to All Ages

Cost: FREE

Date: February 17
Get out of the house and help us celebrate the winter at Mount Hood Memorial Park. Come take in the sites, sounds, and all of the beautiful winter views that the park has to offer. We will be having games, activities, face painting, ice skating (weather permitting), hot coco, smores on an open fire, and a huge free BBQ for all who attend. Additionally, we will be hosting a large skate, ski, and snowboarding swap at the event. Bring your gear that does not fit anymore and exchange them for a different set. It is a great way to save money and find the gear you need. Don’t miss out on all of the fun and surprises that we have in store. Dress warm and we look forward to seeing everyone there!!! 


Time: Wed, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: Mt. Hood Golf Course - Club House

In partnership with:

Melrose Parks Commission
Melrose Parks Department
Mount Hood Park Association